Looking to Sell Your Property?

We will gladly assist you in selling your property. 


With jckelsenreops.com, you can count on:

  • A competent and fair opinion of value.
  • A professional overview of the market and review of advertising campaign online, in the local press, and through our own substantial outlets.
  • Professional curteous showings of the property to potential buyers.

To facilitate the sales process, it will help if a prospective seller can have available the following information and documents pertaining to the property:

  • Desired price
  • Location (exact address)
  • Type of real estate (retail, industrial, flex, multi-unit, etc.)
  • Approximate year the property was built
  • Exact dimensions
  • Any floor plans
  • Information about included appurtanences, equipment etc.
  • Summary of existing financing and or leasehold interests
  • Brief description of the property and site


Once you are ready to put it up for sale, or if you are having trouble assembling the required documentation, please contact us. We're happy to assist you at every step of the process.